Quote1 Have you ever asked yourself how your barbaric mind can handle all that? Quote2
-- Shanhara


Cosmic coup d’état!

New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (DIVINITY, Dept. H) and blockbuster artist Doug Braithwaite (BLOODSHOT U.S.A.) send X-O Manowar charging into a visceral new battle as “GENERAL” continues to transform Valiant’s master warrior!

General, Part TwoEdit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Planet Gorin
    • Aric's farm
    • Azure Barracks (outside the capital)
    • Burnt Wastelands
    • Mariner City
    • Imperial City (occupied by the Azure)
      • Royal Palace
        • Throne room
  • Earth / Urth (Flashback only)



  • High Altitude Helium Airships
  • The Monolith (Floating Tower)
  • Vine Colony Ship (Flashback only)



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Quote1 I have to go. Tomorrow I must lead the armies into the Cadmium's last stronghold. I just came to see you in case... In case all does not go according to plan. Quote2
-- Aric

Quote1 The Azure... They are not worth it, Aric. Trust me. All the tribes are corrupt in their own way. Quote2
-- Schon

Quote1 In my experience it is impossible to fight an enemy in front of you, when you cannot trust the men that stand at your back. Quote2
-- Aric

Quote1 Enough. Time to liberate the head from this beast. Quote2
-- Aric

Quote1 Your Azure are even more corrupt than the Cadmium Quote2
-- Cadmium President

Quote1 Your record in such a short period of time is impressive. You have accomplished more in a few short months than my previous Generals had in a lifetime. Quote2
-- Azure Emperor

Quote1 Once, this planet had three factions that resisted one another. That tension was much like the stakes in a tent... Each pulling against the other... And each against essential to maintaining the structure. Quote2
-- Burnt King

Quote1 We are trapped between utter destruction and the hatred of the Azurian people. Quote2
-- Burnt King

Quote1 We are bonded Aric, you and I. Unlike you I can be with no other. Quote2
-- Shanhara

Quote1 Have you ever asked yourself how your barbaric mind can handle all that? Quote2
-- Shanhara

Quote1 As you wish. I am yours to command as ever, Aric of Dacia... Quote2
-- Shanhara

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by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez



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