Quote1 A world made a funeral pyre... this will not stand. Quote2
-- X-O Manowar

Dead Hand, Part 2: Extinction EventEdit


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Other Characters:

  • Cliff (astronomer)
  • Jhukka (Only appearance; dies)
  • Todd (astronomer)






DEAD HAND means death!

In the far reaches of deep space, the ultimate fail-safe of an extinct alien race has finally counted down to zero…and the robot army called DEAD HAND has been activated. The civilization that built them has fallen…and, now, to combat the doomsday threat that destroyed their world, DEAD HAND will complete the mission that their creators could not. Soulless and brutal, this billion strong legion is the phantom army of a dead world…and it will cleanse the universe by any means necessary. But what unthinkable menace were they created to destroy? And will DEAD HAND’s slow march across the galaxy spell death for countless worlds?

Soon, Aric of Dacia will be forced to confront the secrets that have pushed him to the terrible turning point that is DEAD HAND…and battle a single-minded killing machine unlike any he has seen before! Outmatched and vastly outnumbered, how can Aric stop something unstoppable…something that knows no fear, only eradication?


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Quote1 A world made a funeral pyre... this will not stand. Quote2
-- X-O Manowar
Quote1 There was a time, charging at the Roman legions with my sword drawn, I would have gladly bartered another nation's people for the sake of my own. Anything to safeguard my Visigoth kinsmen. But that was sixteen centuries ago. I am that warrior no longer. I will not trade one group of innocents for another. Quote2
-- X-O Manowar


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