Quote1 Donovan's Brain, by Donovan Wylie, Chapter 16: "Midday in the garden of good and whacko." Quote2
-- Donovan's Brain


Donovan thinks he's the smartest man on the planet. But Quantum is pretty sure he's the smartest dude on the globe, too. And Woody knows they're both idiots! Can the world's worst hero-trio get it together to stop a truly deadly threat? Or will they kill each other instead? Guest starring Quantum & Woody and Vincent Van Goat! With special guest penciler Bart Sears!

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  • Rental car


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  • Southern Fried Woody
  • Joe and Frank and the Secret of the Old Barn...
  • Yes, But will you respect me in twenty minutes...?


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Quote1 Donovan's Brain, by Donovan Wylie, Chapter 16: "Midday in the garden of good and whacko." -- So there we were in the land of moonshine and moonpies to check out a four-year-old tyke with the powers of a god... and, maybe later, a search for the Fiji mermaid... Quote2
-- Donovan's Brain
Quote1 Yeah, sure... well... I'm going to go somewhere and think about all of this! Quote2
-- Woody
Quote1 We can use my hotel room! Quote2
-- Tish Boudreau
Quote1 Oy, there goes a real brain trust. Is he always this insane? Quote2
-- X-O Manowar / Donovan Wylie
Quote1 This is actually a good day. Quote2
-- Quantum
Quote1 Okay, let's go home now -- anybody see the goat lately? Quote2
-- Woody
Quote1 Right behind you -- and he's made a friend, just like you. Quote2
-- Quantum
Quote1 Vincent, you SLUT! Quote2
-- Woody


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