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Valiant Comics is a comic book publishing company founded by Jim Shooter and Steven Massarsky in 1989. Shooter was working as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics at the time, and Massarsky was an outside business partner. They established the company Voyager Communications, with the Valiant publishing imprint as a subsidiary. Shooter would eventually leave the company in 1992 over creative differences. Voyager Communications would then be sold to video game company Acclaim Entertainment in 1994. And the universe Valiant took place in would be totally rebooted by Acclaim with a line of new comics.

The collector's consensus today divides Valiant into three sections: the Valiant Comics era universe (published between 1991-1996) known as "Valiant Heroes One" or "VH1"; the Acclaim Comics era universe (published between 1996 - 2000) lumped under the title "VH2" for "Valiant Heroes Two"; and the latest Valiant Entertainment era universe (published post-2012) which takes place in the "Valiant Entertainment Universe" or "VEI".


This company's history has not been recorded yet.


Acclaim Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment


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