Turok is a Kiowa Native American warrior who fights dinosaurs. He was originally created by Dell Comics in 1954 as "Turok, Son of Stone," with his first appearance in Four Color Comics #596. The character later moved to Gold Key Comics, and went out of publication for many years until Valiant Comics bought the license.

Turok was introduced as part of the Valiant Universe in 1992,[1] along with two other Gold Key characters Magnus, Robot Fighter and Solar, Man of the Atom. His Valiant series Turok, Dinosaur Hunter lasted 48 issues until Acclaim Comics rebooted the universe and character in 1996 to better suit their licensed video games. They published several new Turok comics and launched a series of successful Turok games. The license for Turok would later move to Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.


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Note: All games were published by Acclaim Entertainment except Turok (from 2008) that was published by Touchstone Games. It is listed here for only the sake of completeness, as it has nothing to do with Valiant Comics.


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  1. Magnus, Robot Fighter #12

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