Takao Konishi is the 43rd superhero known as Rai, a protector of Japan in the 41st Century. His predecessor was Tohru Nakadai and his successor is Obadiah Konishi.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Harbinger ability to force his motivation and spirit onto others
  • Mindlock - ability to control and manipulate all types of robots but only one at a time



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Quote1 My people. You have asked me what I intend to do. In answer, I ask what you will do. Some say, "we must rebuild Japan. We must make her great again." But Japan no longer exists. This shattered metal structure is not Japan. Japan is her people. We carry in our hearts the traditions and beliefs which make Japan great and it is time to carry those beliefs out into the world. "One planet, one people." It is not my battle-cry, it is my deepest belief. That which separates us is not as strong as that which unites us. As I believe, so I must act. Nations no longer have a purpose. Nations divide people from one another. I cannot defend one people; I am called to defend them all. One planet, one people. We must begin here. Oh my people, I call upon the greatness that lies in your hearts and souls, in the greatness that is truly Japan! We must go. We must abandon this physical shell. We set the example for all other nations -- one planet, one people. I call upon you to be great, to see the future -- to become a force for that future! Japan is a great people; will you today prove that greatness?! Quote2
-- Takao Konishi[src]


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