Quote1 "Whom the gods will destroy, they must first drive mad." Quote2
-- Sandria Darque

Afraid of the Darque, Part Two: Where Do Gods Go to Pray?Edit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Supporting Characters:

  • Doctor Dobson (Mentioned only)
  • Matt (homeless man)
  • Mike Harmon
  • Millie (homeless woman)
  • Mr. Nordheim (Gayle's father) (In a photograph only)
  • Mrs. Nordheim (Gayle's mother)
    • Gayle's sister (In a photograph only)
    • Harold (Mrs. Nordheim's second husband) (Mentioned only)
    • Jack (Mrs. Nordheim's love interest after Harold) (Mentioned only)
  • O.D. (homeless man)
  • Sarah Weston (Gayle's colleague; on the phone)
  • Worm (homeless man) (Mentioned only)




  • Trains (colliding)



With his mind under Master Darque's evil influence, Solar watches with apathy as two trains collide in a fatal wreck. Then, he turns and flies away toward where it all began -- the Edgewater reactor core in Muskogee. As Solar stands and looks into the reactor core, Darque waits, anticipating the moment when Phil will destroy the world once more.[1]


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Quote1 Just blow it all up. Scrap it. --- Trade it all in for a new model. Start it over. --- Why not? Did it before. Just take 'em all out. Killed them. --- The Sungod saw the darque and it was good. --- Are you going to feed again? A power plant, a small star, perhaps? --- What's a little blackhole – a little nothingness between friends? --- I'm so hungry. Quote2
-- Terence
Quote1 "Whom the gods will destroy, they must first drive mad." Quote2
-- Sandria Darque
Quote1 Exactly! Quote2
-- Master Darque
Quote1 Then I wonder... who seeks to destroy you? Quote2
-- Sandria Darque
Quote1 It's not my fault! Not my responsibility to help them... I can't fix everything... Quote2
-- Solar


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