Quote1 Erica... you're starting to tick me off. Quote2
-- Solar, Man of the Atom

Unity, Chapter 17: Dreams That You DareEdit

End of Unity: The Final Battle!


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  • Gayle Nordheim (Flashback only)
  • Unnamed father of Erica Pierce (Only appearance; dies) (Flashback only)






Trapped in a cincture wormhole, Solar is freed by Sting of the Harbinger kids. Meanwhile, Prince Albert's plan to kill Mothergod with Rai's sword fails. Before she can retaliate, the heroes storm the citadel. Solar and Mothergod face off as the Unity reaction begins to destroy all of time! Trapping Mothergod in a wormhole of his own devising, Solar uses his power to undo the Unity effect and send all the heroes home![1]


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Quote1 You mean you never meant to cause the black hole that twisted time into knots and warped reality into some psychotic fantasy of yours--? Or you never meant to make another being like you... who could destroy you and all the chaos you've created? Too bad. Quote2
-- Mothergod
Quote1 It really goes way back... Daddy abused me. Daddy hurt me. And then if I would cry, or make a sound... Daddy would teach me a lesson... that I never seemed to learn. Little whore, he called me. Lolita... me. Ugly little Erica...! One day he had an accident. I didn't tell anyone. I just walked away and let him bleed to death. But, somehow, that didn't make things right... then, I had nothing. All I wanted was somebody to love me. Mommy was always drunk... Once, I thought you were lonely like me...! Remember the night I came to your room at the plant...? And you rejected me in the most humiliating way possible? I do! You know, I went to a therapist, once. All that did was teach me how to pass psychological screening tests. There's only one way to make it all right... wipe it all away. Make it so it never happened! If you think I can't, Seleski... watch! Quote2
-- Mothergod
Quote1 Erica... you're starting to tick me off. Quote2
-- Solar, Man of the Atom
Quote1 If one of us is God... it's me, baby. Quote2
-- Solar, Man of the Atom


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