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It is the year 4002 A.D….

Rai, the spirit guardian of Earth, has uncovered an ancient tome filled with history’s greatest tales and civilizations darkest moments. Charting the dawning days of ancient Mesopotamia, all the way to the rise of New Japan, the history of the Valiant Universe is laid bare in shocking and revelatory detail. From X-O Manowar to Bloodshot to Faith to Divinity…history will reveal untold revelations for Valiant’s greatest heroes and antagonists!

In the tradition of the original RAI #0, Harvey Award-nominated writer Rafer Roberts (Harbinger Renegade) and acclaimed artist Francis Portela (Faith) unleash a celebration of Rai’s 25th anniversary with the third of four standalone specials honoring the most famed Valiant stories ever told!

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In the aftermath of the 4001 A.D. event, Gilad leads Rai and Karana through the wastelands on Earth to finally arrive at his old place where he keeps his belongings as well as the Book of the Geomancer. Gilad tells Karana that only she can read it and that it is the most important weapon in the room. The book will show her what they will have to do and how they would meet the upcoming challenges. The three gather around a fireplace and Karana starts reading from the book that tells the history of the Valiant Universe from the Negral Horde in ancient Mesopotamia to 4001 A.D..


  • The tome is not uncovered by Rai, as suggested in the solicitation, but Gilad keeping the Book of the Geomancer at his safe place on Earth.
  • The entire story is narrated by Karana, the future's Geomancer, and when she starts reading from the Book of the Geomancer the story is unfolded in a series of flashback scenes, most of which are reinterpretations (by Francis Portela) of important moments of the past five years.
  • This issue is one of four one-shots that would be published from April-July 2017 in homage to a classic Valiant story from the 1990s. This one is based on Bob Layton's Rai #0 - "The Blood of Heroes" (1992).


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