Ninjak, or Ninja-K, is a special agent of MI-6's Ninja Programme. He is the world's greatest mercenary in the Valiant Universe, and an expert in many different types of combat. His secret identity is Colin King, a British millionaire playboy who makes his services available to the highest bidder. The Valiant Entertainment version of Ninjak is based on the original Ninjak published by Valiant Comics, with many details remaining unchanged. The original Ninjak was created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada, first appearing in Bloodshot #6 (1993).


Ninjak, the ruthless and charming, superspy and mercernary for hire, was born Collin King, wealthy son of Privilege. For the Kings,espionage, was the family business, and Colin's parents, both served as clandestine operatives with MI-6. Innatentive at best when they were home, his parents' work kept them away, for months at a time, and the youn Colin's upbringing was left to his family's brutal buttler. At his hands, Colin received his earliest training in the deceit, ambush, and self-suficiency, of the MI-6 master spy.

On reaching adulthood, Colin King left his family behind and quickly fell into the folds of the intellingency community. Joining the MI-6, Colin's training agent was Angelina Alcott. Against MI-6 policy, the two soon began a secret affair. A year later would be dead-killed by Xaman, an assasin and acolyte of the Undead Monk- when Colin broke protocol and inadverntenly led their enemies to her. Lying about his own part in her death, Colin stayed with the agency to hunt down Agenllina's killers alongside his new handler, Neville Alcott.

The two tracked the Undead Monk to a remote monastery in the Himalayas. Colin infiltrated the group, joining them as a studen. There under the Monk's wordless tutelage, Colin's mastery of the martial arts was completed. Colin succeeded in killing Xaman, but was banished from the monastery before he could complete the mission and kill them all. Years later, he would encounter the Monk's most gifted students in their guise as the Shadow Seven.

His training complete, Colin rose in the ranks of MI-6, becoming the lead agent of their newly formed ninja program, gaining the designation of Ninja-K. Working now as a freelance agent and inheriting his family's wealth and estates, he lived a dual life as a wealthy financier and a secret agent.

It was in this capacity that he unwitingly took the contract to kill Aric of Dacia and retrieved the X-O Manowar for the Vine infiltrators that had assumed leadership of the MI-6. When Aric and a Vine traitor named Alexander Dorian revealed the true identity of Ninjak's employers to him, the three worked together to eliminate to eliminate over the agency. Ninjak would again work side by side with Aric when they formed the superteam Unity, though the relantionship between the two remains tense. Recently, the two have teamed again to track down and eliminate again the Vine plantings led by Aric's enemy, Commander Trill.

Ninjak's vendeta against the Shadow Seven would resume when he was tasked with infiltrating their underworld weapons dealing organization known as Weaponeer. This mission brought him face to face with Roku, an enforcer for the Shadow Seven whose relationship to Ninjak's is more than it seems. Ninjak eliminated Weaponer's leadership and assumed control of the organization to find the remainder of the group, surrending them to MI-6 custody.

Following that mission, Ninjak was teamed with the voodoo mystic known Punk Mambo for a mission into the the alternate dimension known as the Deadside to retrieve a lost MI-6 team. There the two encountered and fought The Magpie, whose attemps to break his mystical bondage to the necromancer Master Darque had led him to capture several menbers of the Shadow Seven from MI-6 holding facility. Ninjak and Punk Mambo defeated defeated the Magpie and his ally Ember and returned from the Deadside with Jack, the MI-6 team and the missing members of the Shadow Seven as prisoners.

Since then, Ninjak has found himself the subject of an insdious plot to destroy his life, both personally and professionaly. Framed for murder, his cattle in ruins, and the records of his existence destroyed, Ninjak's find himself on his own employers hunting him down as he tries to find those responsible.

Case File DossierEdit

The following information is highly confidential!

  • Case File: Ninja-K
  • Classification: Top Secret
  • Full Name: REDACTED Colin REDACTED
  • Nationality: English
  • P.O.B.: Leicester, England
  • Sex: M
  • Hair: BLK
  • Eyes: BLU
  • Height: 182.88 cm
  • Weight: 83.9 kg
  • Ninja Designation: K
  • Allegiance: Freelancer
  • Status: Active
  • File #: REDACTED
  • Known Associates: REDACTED


  • Observed Behaviors (from the Case File Dossier):
    Ninja-K projects sense of humor despite the terrible things he's seen and done. While guided by a moral compass, he has proven on numerous occasions in a grey area, understanding what needs to be done for the greater good and pursing it at whatever cost necessary. He is a well-trained agent with REDACTED. He is not as easy to control as past operatives. (end Dossier)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Notable Skills (from the Case File Dossier):
    Above average stealth. Above average agility. Above average endurance. Above average reflexes. Above average intelligence. Social chameleon. REDACTED. Technologically adept. Financially secure. (end Dossier)
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Reflexes
  • Peak Human Speed
  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Endurance
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist
  • Master of Stealth
  • Master Weapons Specialist
  • Genius-Level Intelligence


  • Katana
  • Shuriken
  • Drones
  • Haptic Gloves Pre-Programmed with Basic Hack-Routines
  • Smart Grappling Hook with Optics and Limited A.I.
  • Ninjak's Specifications & Insights (CLASSIFIED)
    • Battle Boots
      • Adjustable Fore-Kick Blades
      • Bionic Super-Charged Exo-Skeleton
      • Exotic Poisons Released on Impact
      • Homing Beacon Spoof
    • Battle Mask
      • 99.9% Micro Filter
      • Communicator/Audio Amplifier
      • Cyanide Distribution System
      • Voice Obfuscation Filter
    • Battle Vest
      • Heart Fibrillation Control
      • Micro-Paper Armor Lining
      • Titanium Impact Resistant Cage
    • Belt: Multi-Tool Battle Belt
      • 5-Function Throwing Disks
      • Adhesive Overwatch Mini-Cameras
      • High-Tensile Titanium Reinforced Belt
      • Lethal/Non-Lethal Disguised Poisons
      • Powdered Flash-Bang Projectiles
    • Gauntlet with Chemical Loadout
      • Augmented Tactile Inputs
      • Battery-Powered Joint Strengtheners
      • High-Speed Wrist-Activated Poison Dispersal Needles
      • Sodium Amytal (Truth Serum)
      • Strontium-90 Radioactive Granule
    • Pen: Fountain Pen
      • Detachable Rings For Micro-Garrote
      • Miniature C-4 (Designed For Inner-Ear Deployment)
      • Poison Micro-Suppositories
      • Programmable Smart Bullet


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Quote1 Why is it whenever I employ a stratagem, the idiot I use it against labels me a coward? Quote2
-- Ninjak[src]


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