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Magnus InterruptusEdit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Woozy Corps
    • Fun-gineers (Mentioned only)
    • Mr. Delano (looks human)
    • Officer Duck
    • Officer Hamm (cause a pig is a ...)
    • Officer Mouse
    • Rail cops (dressed as funny animals)
    • Security Robots (dressed as funny animals)
    • Squad 23 (dressed as funny animals, too)
    • Surveillance team (yes! funny animals)

Other Characters:

  • Barkeeper
  • Chip Murphy
  • Don (Magnus' colleague in Salvation)
  • Luger, P.I.
    • Blonde girl
    • Kareem
    • Luger
  • Martha Stewart (Mentioned only)
  • News reporter
  • Tippi (at the WSAL-57 Weather Center) (Mentioned only)



  • Audio-visual surveillance
  • Pistols
  • Surveillance unit and screen #42464
  • Woozytrail (think "conveyor walk")


  • Leo's Donuts van



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  • This is the final issue of the series after Acclaim Comics canceled all their monthly publication by June 1998 (cover date). Unfortunately, the creative team especially see series' writer, Tom Peyer, was unable to come up with a proper conclusion in time.
  • Artwork for two additional issues can be seen at the back of this issue.
  • This is taken from Peyer's final note:
    • I wish we could have ended things more conclusively, but when the atomic scythe fell, this issue was already being drawn. I further wish I could reward you by telling you everything that was going to happen to Magnus in great detail, but I don't know everything. The stern call it laziness; the generous call it spontaneity. I can tell you this:
    • The war clouds gathering around Albania and last issue's steam-bath cabal of sinister business leaders were leading to THE FINAL SOLUTION, a company-wide crossover. Albania would have come out of the war pretty much intact.
    • Hart Whitcraft would have become a transplant-addict, and, ultimately, a robotic villain, redeemed in the end by one of his own poems.
    • The shadowy figure who leaked Magnus' cover-up last ish was Magnus himself, possessed by the consciousness of Good Shepherd. Shep modemed himself into Mangus' liquitech before his apparent destruction. Magnus would have beaten Shep, ridden out his political scandal, adopted Albanian citizenship and become his country's greatest champion. He would have won Leeja over. There might have been mushy stuff.
    • And all of the good guys would have lived happily ever after... just like you and me.
    • See you. -- Tom Peyer


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