Quote1 Magnus an outcast, and Xyrkol called upon to save North Am--! How... amusing. Quote2
-- Xyrkol

The Xyrkol Trilogy, Part 2: Freedom's End!Edit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bull-Robs
  • Doctor Beale (Psycho-Probe Center)
  • Doctor Pincus (Psycho-Probe Center)
  • Freewills
    • A-J (First appearance)
    • Q-10 (First appearance)
  • Senator McPoyle (First appearance)



  • Holo-Projector
  • Mainbrain
  • Psycho-Probes




As Magnus is about to be psycho-probed, the Freewills of Synchron retaliate against North Am with a nuclear missile strike. The explosions knock out North Am's power, and Magnus escapes in the confusion. Desperate, President Clane turns to criminal genius Zyrkol for a means to strike back. Instead of helping Clane, Xyrkol uses his new power to subdue Magnus and prepare to conquer chaos-stricken North Am![1]


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Quote1 Let the cloud-cloddies reap what they've sown. Quote2
-- Magnus

Quote1 Magnus an outcast, and Xyrkol called upon to save North Am--! How... amusing. Quote2
-- Xyrkol

Quote1 Sometimes, I... still want to be the frail, little girl who used to depend on you so much... now, for instance... but there's no time for that now, is there? Quote2
-- Leeja Clane

Quote1 I have your champion, helpless in my grasp! I wield the endless power of the sun... you are at freedom's end! Now begins your eternal servitude... to Xyrkol! Quote2
-- Xyrkol


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  1. The Valiant Era: A Trading Card History

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