Quote1 I guess we're both monsters then, Sensei... and neither one of us deserves to live. So let's hurry up and rid the world of each other! Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek


One of the Renegades is dead…but the battle isn’t over yet.

The penultimate issue of the most important Harbinger story ever told is almost here, and the countdown to the “EVERYTHING CHANGES,” mind-shattering spectacular of Harbinger #25 is heading toward you like a freight train. Hold on tight!

Death of a Renegade, Part 3: WakeEdit


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  • The Demon-Killing Spearhead




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Quote1 I guess we're both monsters then, Sensei... and neither one of us deserves to live. So let's hurry up and rid the world of each other! Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek
Quote1 I can feel it, Master, under all your hate... there's real fear there... burning off of you so brightly it blinds you! Me and you, we're in Hell. We've spent our whole lives in Hell. And for the last year we've put each other through Hell. So let's take it all the way... let me show you something. So you can know my anger! This is the inside of my best friend Joe's dead brain. Just one of the countless people you've murdered. Experience it. No thought. No energy. No light. No life at all... and this is what it's like inside the head of a junkie while he's dying from an overdose. There's no room for ego this close to non-existence... what about you, Master? Can you survive without your massive ego? Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek
Quote1 I was crafted in atomic fire, you petulant little bastard! You think you can break me?! You think your rage means anything to me?! Outside of your hatred for me you are nothing! Visionless! When I was your age I was building empires! Quote2
-- Toyo Harada
Quote1 I have changed the future, Harada. Simply by changing your role in it. Let me tell you of the new future, child Toyo. You alone could have unlocked the science of the Psiot mind. And so you have. There will come an age when all humanity will have abilities beyond their current imagination, not just the activated few. They will use their powers to explore inner and outer space at a staggering rate. And you are the father of that, Harada. But beyond this achievement, you're just a dictator. An absolutist. It took a dictator, but your greatness is now spent. And Peter has served his role too. His was to stop you before you did more damage than you were ultimately meant to. Both of you must walk away. You have nothing else to give of value. Quote2
-- Bleeding Monk
Quote1 I don't believe you, monk! You called to me when I was just a child! You've been manipulating me ever since! You're a lying megalomaniac! From this moment on we are enemies! Wherever your corporeal form is hidden in this world, I will find it! I will grind it into conscious, timeless dust and I will shove you up my ass!! Quote2
-- Toyo Harada
Quote1 I couldn't save them. I wasn't strong enough... or tough enough... and now they're both gone. Really gone. Like my mama. Like my bubba... it was supposed to be different now. I was supposed to be able to protect everyone now that I'm a superhero or whatever. Quote2
-- Torque
Quote1 I was in love with her! Is that what you want to hear?! I was just as trapped by Charlene as every other person who ever met her! I wanted her! You understand what I mean? But she -- she didn't love me like that. She never could've. And I got her killed! You happy?! Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway
Quote1 And Peter? You want me to say something real about Peter? Peter scared the Hell out of me. And that's all I've got for him. Period. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway
Quote1 I tried. Really hard. To end it. But I don't know... self-preservation is a deep thing, I guess. So all you had to say about me was that I scare you? After everything we've been through? I still couldn't make it right? Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek


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