Quote1 I'm dead and now we're all in my perfect heaven! BOOM! Welcome to Torquehalla! Quote2

Perfect Day, Chapter 2Edit


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  • Hell Bat (Single appearance)
  • Wolf King (Mentioned only)




  • Crazy Train
  • Goblin Slayer



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Quote1 I'm dead and now we're all in my perfect heaven! BOOM! Welcome to Torquehalla! Quote2

Quote1 I'm not going to live in your misogynistic man-child id-driven fantasy world, Torque. Quote2
--Kris Hathaway

Quote1 I promise not to call things gay anymore, unless they're actually gay. Like disco. Quote2

Quote1 I know you're not Peter. I figured it out earlier. While everyone was arguing. Peter would never be up here kissing me if we were lost in some strange world. Quote2

Quote1 Look, Peter would be tortured by the thought that none of us were safe. But you're not. All you think about is... whatever makes me happy. You've been this way since Los Angeles. Peter loves Kris, he doesn't love me. And he hates that he hurt her once. He'd be worried sick about her right now. You distracted me. You're giving each of us what we want. Or trying to, at least. And it's been awesome. But it's not real. Quote2

Quote1 Hopefully I've distracted you long enough so that the others can figure something out without you getting in their way... I mean, it's not like we planned something... I just know what my friends would do, are doing... and if you were the real Peter... you'd know too. You'd know that Kris wouldn't stay put just because you barked an order at her. And you'd know that none of us would let any of the others down... no matter how hard or confusing or strange things get. Quote2


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