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Wrath of the Subterranean Underground Dwellers!Edit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Captain Victor Von Super Avenger Man / Sam (homeless man)


  • Muggers

Other Characters:

  • Choplicker (comic book character)
  • Cindy (In a photograph only)
  • Cutter (comic book character)
  • Dewshine (comic book character)
  • Ember (comic book character)
  • Mender (comic book character)
  • Mr. Richards (Zephyr's boss)
  • Rayek (comic book character)
  • Scouter (comic book character)
  • Shenshen (comic book character)
  • Timmain (Mentioned only)
  • Windkin (comic book character)
  • Wolfriders (comic book characters)






On her way to work at the comics shop, Zepplin is accosted by a group of street punks. But, an ugly scene is averted when a bum named Sam intervenes. Now, the punks pursue Zepplin to Sam's subway hovel, where they beat both of them senseless. Zep has had enough. And, like the grimmest of her comic book heroes, she hunts the punks down and makes them pay for their crimes![1]


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Quote1 Hey, Einstein, wanna learn some new words? Class is this way. Quote2


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  1. The Valiant Era: A Trading Card History

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