Quote1 They may look like children, but they are killers. Never lose sight of that. Quote2
-- Charlie Palmer


Harvey Award-nominated writer Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and superstar artist Darick Robertson (The Boys, Transmetropolitan) begin THE ROAD TO HARBINGER WARS 2 – Valiant’s seismic 2018 event – right here with a bang that will reverberate throughout the entire Valiant Universe…and claim the life of a major hero!

Toyo Harada’s former protege – Alexander Solomon, a “psiot” with the ability to predict and analyze potential futures – has been waiting for this moment. With the Harbinger Renegades – Peter Stanchek, Faith, Kris Hathaway, and Torque – now reunited as a result of his covert manipulations, his ultimate gambit can now begin. But he’s not the only one who has been watching. Major Charlie Palmer has just re-assigned a new division of the militarized psiot hunters codenamed H.A.R.D. Corps to active duty…and they’re about to bring a torrent of blood and calamity roaring into the streets of a major American metropolis for an all-out firefight.

The Harbinger Renegades. Livewire. Alexander Solomon. Generation Zero. Toyo Harada. Secret Weapons. Imperium. None of them are safe…and, when the smoke clears, a pivotal Valiant hero will become the first sacrifice of the massive Harbinger War that is to come.

*All covers for HARBINGER RENEGADE #5 will ship with a special advisory overlay.

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  • The is the second time Valiant would use a special advisory overlay since Eternal Warrior #35 (1995).
  • Cover artist Marc Laming is credited as "Mark Laming".

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Quote1 But do not jeopardize yourselves or this mission to spare some wannabe-revolutionary snot-nosed brat. You got me? Quote2
-- Charlie Palmer

Quote1 Hold on to that fear, soldier, but don't let it control you. Quote2
-- Charlie Palmer

Quote1 Our targets have 168 combined kills, including eleven H.A.R.D. Corps soldiers. They may look like children, but they are killers. Never lose sight of that. Quote2
-- Charlie Palmer

Quote1 They must not think highly of us. That's a lifetime for this squad, sir. Quote2
-- Flatline

Quote1 Do you remember Las Vegas, Major? And how many of my friends you murdered?! Because we do! Quote2
-- Cronus

Quote1 You are a Goddam weapon! How many of my men died fighting against your infantile your infantile rebellion? Quote2
-- Charlie Palmer

Quote1 Your men volunteered to be killers! We weren't given a choice! Quote2
-- Cronus

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Which "major Valiant hero" would be killed off?



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