The Harbinger Foundation is an international corporation lead by multi-billionaire Toyo Harada, one of the world's most gifted Harbingers. Harada uses the organization to seek out and recruit others with power like him so that he can train them into an army. They are opposed by the Harbinger Resistance, who view Harada's motives as corrupt and his methods as evil.


Founded in Japan in 1977 by billionaire Toyo Harada, the Harbinger Foundation is a private non-profit organization that finances education, industry, space, and medical research, that provides an environment where people with special abilities and talents can achieve their full potential. With twenty-eight branches around the world, eleven in the United States alone, the Harbinger Foundation is a major corporate force.




The Eggbreakers are a group of young Harbingers, individuals who possess incredible abilities triggered in the face of severe stress that reflect their personalities, that Toyo Harada, the CEO and founder of the Harbinger Foundation, finds and persuades to believe his doctrine of world betterment. The Eggbreakers - who get their name from the old Chinese proverb - act as Harada’s enforcers.


Harada also employs a militia of highly-trained well-armed soldiers who serve as his security personnel. They appear to be mostly regular humans who use firearms and lack Harbinger powers. They are used to perform field operations such as kidnappings and assassinations.


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