Geomancer is a title held by several characters in the Valiant Universe. They are a lineage of men and women selected by the Earth to defend itself, and they have the power to communicate with the Earth directly. This allows them to control nature and bend objects to their will.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Geomancers can psychically communicate with the Earth itself, and, by extention, are capable of the following:

  • Astral Projection
  • Precognition
  • Reality Warping
  • Telekinesis
    • Aerokinesis
      • Flight
    • Biokinesis
      • Healing Abilities
    • Electromagnetism
  • Telepathy
    • Empathy
  • Clairsentience
  • Nature Manipulation
  • Zoolingualism


Valiant Comics Era (1991-1996)Edit

Valiant Entertainment Era (2012-Present)Edit


Other mediaEdit

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