Galloway and Galloway, or G & G in short, is a major pharmaceutical company in the Acclaim's Valiant Universe. It was founded by Henry Galloway and is run by his grandchildren Harold & Kenneth.


"Since 1923, The Galloway & Galloway Pharmaceutical Company has manufactured products to help make peopel feel better. In 1982, they began to research a new product line. They decided to make better people."

Henry Galloway started the company in the early 1910’s. For fifty years – even after Henry died in ’68 – the company made pharmaceuticals. In 1980, Henry’s two grandsons, who ran the company, decided to start making human beings! G&G accepted volunteers from among their most gifted young employees and turned their offspring into a new phase of human evolution.

By 1997 the kid’s parents still worked at G&G as part of ZEUS: Control. They ran the place, did research analysis, developed their children’s powers, among other things.

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