Charlene Dupré, alias Flamingo, is a fiery Southern Bell with a penchant for choosing the wrong man who spent her childhood as a punching bag for all the girls whose boyfriends she stole. After Pete Stanchek, a psionic of extraordinary power, awakens her ability to control and generate flames, Charlene joins the Harbinger Renegades, a loose organization of renegades. With Pete’s support, Charlene stops worrying about how others perceive her and starts to take care of her own life.


The Book of CharleneEdit

Charlene grew up in a in a religious house. Mrs. Dupré, her mother, was a pious woman who considered her a reminder of a sin she committed 17 years earlier. Charlene grew up doing everything her mother could not abide to make her stop thinking about Heaven and focus on her instead. In the course of the war against the Harbinger Foundation, a non-profit organization that provided an environment where people with special abilities and talents could achieve their full potential, Charlene gained a sense of self-worth and embarked on a path of enlightenment and salvation.

Children of the Eighth DayEdit

On June 6th 1991, Charlene Dupré traveled to Atlanta office of the Harbinger Foundation and met Pete Stanchek, who warned her that Toyo Harada, the foundation’s founder, killed his best friend, Joe Irons, and tried to kill him. While Pete raided the file room, Charlene waited in the elevator, and when Pete came back, they left together.

At the Holmes-Standard Textile Mill, Pete introduced Charlene to Faith Herbert, a plucky fangirl with the power of flight, and his girlfriend, Kris Hathaway, and while Kris disliked her due to her overt sexuality, Faith eagerly asked her what she could do, and, at Pete’s behest, she set herself ablaze to demonstrate her control over fire. When Charlene charred her clothes, Faith found her something to wear in her trunk while Kris chastised Pete for not helping her stop. Later, as they read the files Pete brought over, Kris found a folder with thousands of names marked investigated/negative, except for Charlene’s, which was marked Class A, when then Faith found the file of a guy named John Torkelson marked investigated/inconclusive -- Class D and suggested they go find him. While Pete said that it would be a waste of time because if he were special the foundation would have found out, Kris thought that they should check it out, and when Pete insisted that it might be a long shot or a trap, she walked out and accused him of only wanting to check out other girls. Relenting, Pete agreed that they should all go.

Hours later Pete and the others found John at his work in Sonny's Garage, and while at first he sent them away, when he heard that three of them were girls he turned his attention towards them. When Pete asked John if he wrote a letter to the Harbinger Foundation, he told him to leave before he beat him up, and while Charlene flirted with John, Pete dragged Kris and Faith away with him. As Pete rushed off, he told Kris and Faith that he looked inside John’s mind long enough to know that he was illiterate and someone else had written the letter to Harbinger about him, but then Kris told him that she figured that out just by looking at him and accused him of not looking in his mind. Just then, Charlene and John drove up to them in his mustang, and while the girls left with them, Pete stayed behind.

That night while they cooked dinner, Faith mused that her mother might be out combing the country side for her and asked Charlene if her parents would worry if she did not return home, and she told her that her mother was surprised when she did. When Faith thanked John for buying them dinner, he told her that she had to eat because she was a growing blimp and Charlene laughed at the put down. After dinner, Charlene seductively told John to take her for a ride, but he only had eyes for Kris.

When Kris stood up to go after John, Charlene told her that he belonged to her and pulled her hair down. As Kris slapped her, Charlene lit her hands and accused her of going after John because Pete was making eyes at her. As Charlene attacked Kris, Pete pushed them apart and ended their fight. When Pete accused John of working for the foundation and he denied it, he forced himself into his mind to learn the truth and realized that he was wrong. Enraged, John lifted his car over his head and threatened to kill Pete, but Faith made him realize what he was doing and he set it down. Rueful, Pete apologized to John for acting like a kid and told him that the things he saw in his mind of what people did to him when he was kid were unspeakable.

Suddenly, as Pete jerked back and fell to his knees with his hands on his head, Li Yan, a member of the Eggbreakers, a group of young Harbingers who acted as Harada’s enforcers, leapt out of a chopper and landed besides them. As Kris urged John to help them protect Pete and shielded him, Faith tried to shake off the Foundation Troopers as they repelled down, but she was too slow and they shot Kris in the back. When Li Yan punched John straight through his mustang, and when she grabbed a boulder to disable him, Charlene set her ablaze and saved him. After Faith rendered a Harbinger who suppressed Pete's abilities unconscious, Pete recovered his senses.

After Pete dispatched the troopers and destroyed the helicopter, Todd Bevins, a foundation executive, contacted him through a trooper’s radio and warned him that he had crossed the rubicon and declared war against the foundation. Before he ended the transmission, Todd urged Pet to realize that they had the power to destroy him, and told him that if he cared about his friends he would not drag them down with him. Troubled, Pete loomed over Kris and had no idea of what to do, while John wanted to take care of Kris and then rip the troopers’ throats out. While neither Charlene nor Faith wanted to stay behind, the latter said that being a hero was not as she thought it would.

The Root of All EvilEdit

On the early hours of June 6th 1991, Charlene Dupré, John Torkelson, Pete Stanchek, and Faith Herbert barged into the Saint James Hospital ER and demanded medical assistance for Kris Hathaway. While Pete demanded to see a doctor, Charlene asked for ice for her eye. When Lawrence Heyward walked into the ER, Pete threatened to rip his lungs out unless helped Kris, but he dared him to do it and warned him that he did not work well under death threats. When John told him that Kris was barely breathing, Pete went inside Lawrence’s head to make him treat her, but when realized that his pushing him could screw up his skills, he pulled out as fast as he went in and left him with a headache. In the hope that he could help Kris, Pete gently ripped the bullets out of her back while the others watched in dread, and after he was done, Lawrence could see that she was in shock and offered to help her long as they behaved.

Tense hours later, Lawrence told Pete that Kris’ condition had stabilized and that she would be fine. When Lawrence asked Pete how he did what he did, Pete offered to return someday to pay their bill and tell him. Despite the doctor’s objection, Pete lifted Kris as gently as he could and left before the people that shot her would find them. Soon as they came out of the hospital, a group of snipers took a shot at them, but Pete shielded them. When Faith and John tried to steal a car, Lawrence tossed them his keys and told them to be careful with it. To Lawrence’s amazement, Pete levitated the vehicle and it flew out of sight. Shortly, while the kids debated where to eat dinner, Lawrence called them on his car phone and told Pete to take a map to his summer house out of the glove box and meet him there.

The next morning when Kris woke up, Charlene stood beside John while Faith eagerly told her they won their first battle and defeated the troopers that tried to kill Pete, who urged her to relax and told Kris that Dr. Heyward fixed her and he would tell her everything that happened after she rested. While Kris slept, Lawrence told the kids to make themselves at home and asked to speak with Pete in private.

While Lawrence took Pete out to the veranda, Faith asked Charlene and John if they wanted to play Super Mario Land, but John mockingly told her to go advertise tires and hurt her feelings. As Faith walked out, Charlene offered to fetch John another beer and threw herself at him, but he coldly told her that he could have her anytime and then swilled his beer.

Two days later, Pete and Faith told Charlene and John that they followed an address he took from a trooper’s mind to a specialty clothing store, and got the owner to give them three boxes full of custom-made uniforms, including some pink Nomex long johns he made for a lady racecar driver for Charlene. When Pete suggested that they raid the worldwide headquarters of Eight-Day Inc., a front of the Harbinger Foundation, Charlene refused, while John insulted him. Just then, Kris told John that she could see through him and could tell that, while he had Superman’s body, he was a lonely boy who never had anyone on his side. She then told him that he liked being with them, but he could not believe anyone could accept him, so he tested them to prove that they did not care, but they were already the closest thing he had to a family and the reason he was against the raid was that he did not want them to get hurt. As she came into the living room, Kris told John that families could support him, but they could also let him down, that they can be there for him but he could also loose them. As she told John that he had to be brave, Kris told him that if he was one of them he was going on the raid wearing one of the costumes.

Very early the next morning, Pete took the others flew to the worldwide headquarters of Eight-Day Inc. in the World Trade Center in New York City aboard Dr. Heyward’s car. On their way there, John asked Pete what they were after, and as he told him that they were after anything they could get, he reminded them that Dr. Heyward said they could only say with him until Kris was better. While Faith savored their flying into battle together, Charlene worried that she would get beat up like in all her other fights. While John and Charlene waited in the car, Pete and Faith went inside the building and found the Eight-Day Inc. office on the 47th floor.

Shortly, the four of them took the elevator up to the office, and while they looked around, Pete wondered how they came up with the name Eight-Day and Charlene told him that it came from the Bible in reference to God’s creation of man. Just then, Faith uncovered a hidden elevator behind a bookcase and they decided to take it down to the bottom floor. On their way down, Faith hoped that they would find a secret sub-basement crawling with armed guards and deadly super-foes where Harbinger trained people like them and kept a danger room where they honed their powers to combat readiness, and her zeal made Charlene very nervous.

When the doors opened, Charlene and the others came upon a large group of troopers who were expecting them. As Pete ordered a retreat, Charlene lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor. While Pete used Charlene to disarm the troopers, he drenched John and Faith with water from a pool to wake them up and they defeated Rock, Sparrow, and Swallow, three Eggbreakers.

After Pete dispatched the troopers, he challenged Toyo to fight him one-on-one without his troops, but then Weasel distracted him and Toyo escaped. When Charlene woke up in Pete’s arms, he apologized for pushing his way in and using her and thanked her for saving them. Shortly, after the four resistance fighters boarded the elevator to escape, they came out into a penthouse office, where, while Pete brought the car up to them, Faith found a wall safe and John broke it open. As they flew back to the Heyward summer house with countless wads of cash, Pete and the others serenaded Kris over with phone with We’re In The Money.

One Small Step...Edit

On July 6th 1991 at the Heyward summer house, while Charlene Dupré covered the black eye Kris Hathaway gave her with makeup, Pete Stanchek urged her to hurry so they would not miss their plane. When Charlene told Pete to leave without her since nobody would miss her, he assured her that she was part of the team, but she said that she was not and that they did not even ask her if she wanted to go, they just assumed she would tag along with John Torkelson, who did not care about her either. Worried for her, Pete told Charlene that she had to take care of herself and that being one of them made her special, then, when he told her that he thought she was beautiful, she warned him not to let Kris hear him or she would pound her eyes shut. When Kris and John came upstairs from the game room and Charlene joked that they disappeared for a long time, Kris told her that they just lost track of time. Though Lawrence offered to take them to the airport, Pete flew them there in a car that he bought them with the money they liberated from the Harbinger Foundation. During their flight to Seattle in first class, Faith told Charlene that John traded seats with her, unaware that he did not want to sit with her.

That evening in the Lake Union Mall, Charlene and the others met Ax, an obnoxious self-professed computer wizard with a natural affinity for electronics who Faith called after they found his bulletin board notice to help them break into locked-up disks they took from the foundation. When Ax took them to his father’s company, he impressed them when he figured out the keypad code and let them in. An hour later, as Ax was unable to break into the disks’ encryption and said that he would only try once more and was keeping the money, Kris asked him why they called him Ax and he told her that it was because he played his guitar as if he was wired to it. After Pete and Kris talked for a minute, he touched Ax in the head and, all of a sudden, he heard an incredible buzzing coming from the computer.

After the disks told Ax how to open them, he opened a file labeled extraterrestrial landing sites, and while Kris thought it was a joke, Pete believed it was a code word, and Faith suggested they go check out one of the addresses. When John asked what they were going to do with Ax, Faith said he was dangerous and could tap into NORAD and start World War III like in War Games, while Kris asked Pete if he could un-pop him and he told her that he could make him forget what happened. Pleadingly, Ax asked Pete not to take his ability away as he had spent his entire life looking at the world through a keyhole and now the doors were wide open. While Faith thought they could harness Ax’s power for good and Pete believed he deserved a chance, Kris and John were certain he was insane. When Pete asked her what she thought Charlene did not want to voice her opinion, but he coerced her into voting and she said everyone deserved a chance.

That night, Charlene and the others followed a map to a clearing by a waterfall in the Olympic National Park, and while they looked around before it got dark, an electronic hum that came from a tree told Ax that the stump concealed a landing beacon inside. At Ax’s suggestion, the group stayed the night to wait for something to land, unaware that the Spider Aliens, a race of blood-thirsty extraterrestrial aliens, were watching them. After Faith returned with burgers from McDonald’s and they ate dinner, John wondered how long they were going to wait and Ax accused him of being afraid of the dark. While Faith told Ax that he did not have to be a jerk all the time, he suddenly got the feeling that something high-tech was coming their way right before a Spider Might opened fire on them.

After the smoke cleared, Charlene and the others laid safely behind a shield Pete raised when Ax warned them. While Pete covered John and he destroyed the tank, Kris urged Charlene to help, but she was terrified. When the aliens ran away, Ax shot one of them in the back with his own gun much to the other’s chagrin. Coldly, Ax said that no one would miss the alien, then he pushed a button on a unit in the alien’s belt that had been screaming at him that activated a subterranean hangar, and as the earth trembled, a Spider Alien Transport vessel emerged from the ground. As they made their way inside the ship, Kris asked Pete if he really thought that it came from another planet, and while Faith was certain that it did, Pete suggested that they leave before the aliens came back. Frightened, Charlene agreed with Pete and begged John to leave with her, but Kris told her to stop being a wuss. Enthralled with the alien technology, Ax activated the ship’s engines, and as the vessel shot up into space, the auto-pilot took them on a pre-programmed course. Though John threatened to rip Ax’s throat out unless he took them down, he told him there was nothing he could do.

Two hours and thirty-six minutes later, Charlene kept her eyes closed as the vessel headed to a Spider Alien Moonbase on the dark side of the moon. After a docking clamp pulled the ship inside the alien base and they exited the ship, Charlene told Pete that she was terrified and wanted to go home, but he told her that, while he could not promise everything would be all right, they were a team and took care of each other. When the door to the base opened, Pete suggested that they look for a way to open the docking bay so Ax could fly them out, but then they all lost consciousness and collapsed. While Charlene out cold, a group of Spider Soldiers took her and the others to an exam funnel, while Rexo, a Vietnam veteran the aliens transformed into a bionic enforcer, grabbed Ax and said that he might be useful.

Five months later, after Ax woke up Faith from stasis to keep him company while he helped the aliens build a ship big enough to get them out of their solar system and Pete rendered him unconscious when she rejected him, he and Faith woke up Charlene and the others from stasis and they left to look for their ship. Moments later, they left Ax cold on the floor while they went to look for their ship, but when they turned a corner, they ran across Rexo and the Spider Soldiers, who blocked their path to the ship. After Rexo captured Pete, Kris, and Faith, the soldiers swarmed over John he shouted for Charlene to help him, but she cowered in fear and could not move. Enraged, John called her a slut right before he lost consciousness and Rexo snared him with his tendrils.

Though Rexo offered to let kill Pete and the others, Ax told him to let the aliens eat them, especially Charlene, who reminded him of all the girls who thought they were too good for him but let any jock or preppy have their way with them. Pleadingly, Charlene told Ax that she wanted him to go with them and that she honestly thought he was cute. As she told him that she could have had her if he wanted to, Charlene threw herself at Ax’s feet and said that she could make him feel good. As Rexo ordered the soldiers to drag her and the others away to have their blood drained, Charlene burnt Ax’s testicles and stood up to confront Rexo, who ordered the soldiers to kill her.

Where the Love Light Gleams...Edit

Inside the Spider Alien moonbase on the far side of the moon, Charlene Dupré lit herself ablaze and warned Rexo to stay away from him, but he called her a slut and threatened to skewer her for what she did to Ax and carve all her goodies off before he killed her. Frightened, Charlene warned Rexo that she would burn him, but he mockingly said that all the heat she was making would cook her friends before it did him major damage and then slapped with a blade that cut her face and told her that he hated girls and had no use for them since he was 90% bionic. While Rexo joked that Charlene made him a favor when she burnt Ax and made him more like him and now they had a lot more in common, she softened the floor beneath him and fell through it.

While she freed the others from the tendrils, Charlene hoped she had not burned them before she figured on making the heat go into the floor. Worried that they were not safe, Pete said that they had to find the ship that brought them to the moon and ordered John to bring Ax with them. Shortly, Charlene and the others boarded the vessel, and, as John warned Ax to take them home or he would take his face off, he activated the autopilot. When Ax fell on his knees in excruciating pain, Pete wondered if his injuries were severe and Charlene, Kris, and Faith looked at them and gave him first aid. As the ship neared Earth’s atmosphere, Pete worried that the aliens were waiting for them where they found the ship, so he carried it the rest of the way home, a feat that impressed Faith. On their way back to Savannah, John tossed Ax off the ship near Waycross, Georgia, and though Pete thought that it was kind of nasty to drop him in the middle of nowhere when he was hurt, the others told him that he was a traitor and no better than Rexo.

After Pete found Dr. Heyward’s house, he hid the ship beneath the water in case they ever needed it. As they flew inside the house, Faith lamented that, without Ax’s electronic power, they could not fly the ship, while Kris wondered why it was so cold outside. As they went in and Pete noted that the house looked closed for winter even though it was July, Faith shivered and said that it did not feel like July. While Charlene started a fire, John told her to get him a beer, but she refused and told him to get it himself because she was busy. When Faith turned the television on to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, an ad for the Parisian that announced there were only three days left until Christmas made her realize the aliens kept them in suspended animation before they escaped and they had been gone for over five months. Dismayed, Faith told Pete that she missed her Senior year, but he did not know what to say other than to apologize. As Kris noted that they were all exhausted, she suggested that they figure what to do the next morning.

The next morning, Pete found Charlene in the kitchen and asked her where everybody else was. As Charlene told Pete that Faith went home and she was leaving too, she gave him a note Faith left him and told him that she learned a lesson on the moon, and had been lint on John’s sleeve long enough and she had more to her than being trash, but he ignored her and asked her where Kris was.

Two days later in the Dupré house in Abbeville, Alabama, Charlene begged Mrs. Dupré, her pious mother to look at her because there was something she wanted to tell her, but she refused to divert her gaze from an altar to Jesus in her living room. Pleadingly, Charlene told her mother that she knew she never wanted her because all she was to her was proof she committed a sin seventeen years earlier, and reiterated that, when she was little, she needed her badly and loved her very much, but she never had room for nothing in her life except her meetings and the Lord. Hurt, Charlene told her mother that she tried to hurt her back and done everything she could not abide to make her stop thinking about Heaven and think about her a little, but she had been to the Heavens and looked down on the world and everything seemed so small. As Charlene said that she had realized that it did not seem like anything could be worth hurting somebody over, she told her mother that, all of a sudden, she decided to start caring about herself and wanted her to know that she was not going to hurt herself or try to hurt her anymore. When Charlene told her mother that she did not have to love her back and she wanted her to know that she still loved her, her mother stuttered her name and turned to face her.

The next night, while Charlene made her way back to the Heyward summer house, Faith saw her headed the same way as her and gave her a lift. When they arrived at the house, Faith joked that two and a half of the world’s mightiest super heroines were in their doorstep and asked them if they wanted them back or if she had to sit on them. When Kris asked what made them change their minds, Faith said that it was hard to get excited about pretend super-heroes once she had battled aliens on the moon, while Charlene said that, once she straightened out what she had to take care of, she could not think of a better place she would rather be. As Kris wished that John would come back as well and Faith shouted that he would be back because he needed them, Charlene noted that he was too stubborn to admit that, but then Pete suggested that they go find him themselves.

An hour later, Pete and the others discovered John’s burnt shanty and found Ax and the rogue Harbingers in an empty tree lot. After Pete knocked Ax out just as he was about to hit John with a hammer, Charlene leapt at Frank C. Treese, a paranoid-schizophrenic who erected a force-wall between them. Though Charlene warned Frank that there was somebody behind him, he ignored her and failed to stop Faith from using him as a shield to deflect Eugen’s bullets and then toss him at him to knock them out. With Pete’s help, the resistance flew away from the lot and left Ax and his rogues in the ground while the police arrived on the scene.

The next morning, as Faith passed out Tylenol, ace bandages, and mercurochrome as if they were Christmas gifts, Kris wished everyone a merry Christmas. When Pete noted that Christmas with his friends was the best he ever had, Charlene asked God to bless them all.

King's CrossingEdit

On March 1st 1992 outside the Chrysler Building in New York City, Charlene Dupré and the Harbinger Resistance gathered to discuss their discovery that Toyo Harada hired Karl Breznoff, the mercenary called Sniper, to attack Aric Dacia, a 5th Century Visigoth lost in the modern age who possessed the Manowar Class Armor, the most powerful weapon in the universe. When Faith Herbert told the others that Toyo arranged to meet Aric in New Orleans, Pete Stanchek proclaimed that Toyo’s presence in the States was their opportunity to stop him before he became a dictator. When John Torkelson reminded the others that Toyo played for keeps, Kris Hathaway told Pete that he had to kill Toyo and reminded him that he was the only one of them who could take him on. While Faith worried Aric might try to stop them, Pete told her they would politely ask him to step aside because they were the good guys.

That night in New Orleans’ French Quarter, Charlene and the renegades watched as Toyo took Aric and Ken to the La Bas Jazz Club and kept their distance while they waited for the right time to strike. Shortly, while Toyo, Aric, and Ken listened to Jack Boniface, a jazz player, the renegades waited in the bar for Toyo to become inebriated before they attacked.

Later that night, as Toyo took Aric and Ken to Bourbon Street, Charlene and the Harbinger Resistance attacked. While Toyo called his guards, Aric attacked John, who punched him through a wooden fence. As Aric donned the Manowar armor and dispatched Charlene and John, Pete deflected his lasers and tossed his in the air where Faith tackled him. As John grabbed Aric’s ankles and tossed him against a shed, Charlene climbed down to check up on him, but then Aric used a broken water main to douse her flames. In a huff, Charlene evaporated the water and created a curtain of steam that hid Aric from her and allowed him to punch her out and defeat Pete and John. Suddenly, Kris drove up to the club and the renegades escaped in her car.

As their car sped out of the city, Pete told the others that they would get another chance to get Toyo, but that they would have to lay low for the moment until he gave them another opportunity. Troubled, Pete worried that they now had two powerful enemies to deal with.

All For One...Edit

On March 5th 1992 in New Orleans, the Harbinger Resistance kids took their first team photograph together, a picture damaged by a beam of light that ominously covered John Torkelson. While Kris Hathaway paid for the photograph and clarified to the vendor that they were tourists and not students from Tulane, Pete Stanchek remarked that the photo would remind them of their first vacation together and Charlene Dupré commented that she had never been on vacation, except to go with her mother to Tallahassee for a revival meeting.

While Faith Herbert mentioned that she had been on lots of vacations and they were the best, Kris reminded everyone that they were meeting at a Mexican restaurant for dinner at seven after they all did their own thing. After Faith enthusiastically flew away shouting Up, Up, and Away despite Kris’ concerns that people might see her, John left to check out some strip joints and Kris went with Charlene to see some art galleries while Pete went off for a walk on his own.

Later, in the art gallery, Kris thanked Charlene for letting her go with her and told her that she did not know she was interested in art. As Charlene told Kris that she learned about art to spite her mother, whose idea of art was Jesus painted on black velvet, she told her that the more she saw of it the more she liked it, specially the impressionists pictures in which everything seemed beautiful and nice. Reflectively, Charlene told Kris that she used to wish she could just step into one of those paintings.

That night in the restaurant, while Charlene asked John about the girls in the topless bar and Faith said that no one wanted to hear about a bunch of dumb dancing girls and asked her to tell them about the art gallery, Pete got an image in his mind and sensed that Harada was on his way there. As Pete pondered that something big must had happened that shook Harada and made him let his guard down for a second, Faith pointed to a news report on the TV about an explosion that destroyed one of the tallest skyscrapers in Dallas that caught their attention. Silently, the kids listened as the reporter explained that police had the area cordoned off, but even from his position, he could see the incredible destruction, and that, in his opinion, though the police refused to comment on the possible cause of the catastrophe, he believed that they just did not know what happened yet.

Hours later aboard a charted aircraft near Dallas, Pete asked Captain Smith if he might recognize the place that they were looking for if he showed him what it looked like and then he used his powers to insert an image of the research facility in his mind. After the Captain told Pete that the facility was a factory or something like it on North Road a couple of minutes from the airport that he always passed on his way home, Pete told Kris that he found what they were looking for and that he was going to get the captain to fly them right over it. Minutes later, to the captain’s surprise, Charlene and the others jumped out of the aircraft, and on their way down to the facility, Pete said that the whole time they were in New Orleans he felt Harada like an itch he could not scratch, especially after their run-in, and Kris remarked that this time they would scratch him for good. While Pete and John dealt with the security guards, Charlene melted a lock on a door into the facility. During the fight, Pete commented on the lack of security in spite of Toyo’s presence and Kris mused that, since Toyo traveled there as abruptly as he thought he had, maybe he could not bring the usual army.


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