The Eternal Warrior is a superhero in the Valiant Universe. He is an immortal soldier who protects the Geomancer of every generation, sometimes known as the "Fist and Steel of the Geomancers." Having spent several millennia honing his abilities, he is an expert in almost every form of combat. His true identity is Gilad Anni-Padda, one of three famous immortal brothers. His brother Aram is Armstrong of the duo Archer & Armstrong, and his brother Ivar is known as the Timewalker. His greatest nemesis is the Immortal Enemy. It has been shown that Eternal Warrior will continue to be active with other heroes in the 41st Century.


Eternal Warrior was created by Jim Shooter and Don Perlin for Valiant Comics in 1992, first appearing alongside Geomancer in the pages of Solar, Man of the Atom.[1] Shortly afterwards, he would receive his own ongoing series Eternal Warrior as part of the Unity crossover event.[2] This series lasted 50 issues and concluded in 1996.[3] This was followed by a two-part miniseries titled Eternal Warrior: Fist and Steel the same year.[4] The Valiant Universe was rebooted in 1997 when the company was bought by Acclaim Entertainment. Acclaim, a video game company, wanted to retool the characters to make them more adaptable to video games. The Anni-Padda brothers including Armstrong and Timewalker were reimagined in the series Eternal Warriors by Art Holcomb.[5] The series was published across 6 one-shots and concluded in 1998.[6] Acclaim declared bankruptcy in 2004, and the rights to the Valiant Universe were bought by Valiant Entertainment. Valiant Entertainment would relaunch the entire line of comics in 2012 with another complete reboot.[7] Eternal Warrior was reintroduced in Fred Van Lente’s Archer & Armstrong series, appearing as a cameo in the first issue and then fully debuting in his own story arc.[8][9] This would lead to another solo series, Greg Pak's Eternal Warrior (Volume 2), in 2013.[10] Pak's series concluded after 8 issues in 2014.[11] The same year, Peter Milligan would write a 3-issue miniseries titled Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel.[12] The character would receive his own ongoing series again in 2015, with Robert Venditti's Wrath of the Eternal Warrior.[13] This series concluded in 2016 after 14 issues.[14]



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