Doctor Mirage is a superhero in the Valiant Universe. The original version published by Valiant Comics was Hwen Fong, a paranormal investigator who worked alongside his wife Carmen Ruiz. Fong received special abilities during an encounter with the necromancer Master Darque that allowed him to harness Darque Power. Valiant Entertainment later rebooted the character as Shan Fong, a woman with similar origins who seeks to restore her ghostly husband Hwen.


Doctor Mirage was created by writer/artist Bob Layton and artist Bernard Chang for Valiant Comics in 1993. The character Hwen Fong originally appeared alongside his wife Carmen Ruiz in the pages of Bob Hall's Shadowman.[1] Mirage was quickly moved to his own ongoing solo series, The Second Life of Doctor Mirage.[2] This series lasted 18 issues until it concluded in 1995.[3] The Valiant Universe was rebooted by Valiant Entertainment in 2012.[4] Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher would introduce a new female Doctor Mirage named Shan Fong in 2013, in the pages of Shadowman (Volume 4).[5] Shan Fong would receive her own limited series written by Jen Van Meter in 2014, titled The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage.[6] This series was popular enough that Van Meter followed it with a sequel in 2016, The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives.[7]

In late 2016 it was announced that Valiant is in talks to adapt The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage as a live-action television series on the CW network. The adaptation will be written and produced by Gary Dauberman.[8]



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