Quote1 Are you seriously trying to get nostalgic with a man who can't remember his past? Quote2
-- Bloodshot


HARBINGER WARS tie-in! It's payback time! After Dr. Emanuel Kuretich freed Bloodshot from Project Rising Spirit, he promised Bloodshot that the answers to his identity would be found inside PRS' secret Nevada facility. He lied. Instead, Bloodshot discovered two dozen super-powered psiot children -- children that Kuretich then manipulated him into setting free. Now that the kids are out and have ignited a Harbinger War in the middle of the Vegas strip, Bloodshot is all that stands between them and the opposing forces of Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek. But Bloodshot hasn't forgotten about Kuretich. And he's about to reap his revenge.

Harbinger Wars, Part 3: Bloodshot: Gone to PiecesEdit


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Quote1 I'm having one of those crossroads of life kind of moments, to be perfectly honest. I've glimpsed the faces of the future, and I've decided I want to be on the side of the angels for a change. Besides, hunting children like they're animals? It's just wrong, no matter the motivation. I know, I know... this is not what you want to hear. And I do wish I could take you with me. But I imagine Project Rising Spirit would miss their multi-billion dollar weapon. So listen to me carefully, my friend: Someday, I'll come back and free you. I swear it. Quote2
-- Emmanuel Kuretich

Quote1 I'm not hungry for a snack. I'm hungry for revenge. Quote2
-- Bloodshot

Quote1 Are you seriously trying to get nostalgic with a man who can't remember his past? Quote2
-- Bloodshot


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