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  • Gaylous Tyler

    Hello everyone, I'm the newest new guy here.

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  • DeCastilane

    Is there really only three of us on this wiki editing? Really???

    Let me know if I am wrong.

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  • Thekingdomofike

    So, we get glimpses of the future of the Earth all the time in the Valiant Entertainment Universe (there are series set in the future / throughout time, flash-forwards, visions, etc.). Here's a non-exhaustive, spoiler-packed list of what we know so far...

    • In Fall of X-O we see the developed New Visigoth settlement in Nebraska, and the death of Aric (from old age, at 1672 years old or something!) in a beautiful, developed, futuristic world. This probably takes place near the end of the 21st century (see point three for reference). 
    • According to Harbinger Vol 2 #2, Darpan was found by Harada ten years prior to its release, so two thousand two, and in one of the Bleeding Monk’s flash-forward visions (Imperium Vol 1 #1) we see that one hundred and twe…
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  • Aerno

    Hi y'all, this is short stuff, but i want to say, comics had save my life, a bit exagerated, almost depresed like two years, but they give me they gave me refuge and consort when i most needed, and I'm talking about super hero genre, I love Marvel, but it's still hard to enter into them and have the full spectre, don't get me wrong, I understand a lot, but all the years of continuity, it is too much, Valiant is different, it's nice, it doens't over-complicate too much, is grounded, and it has a very colorful rooster of distintive characters, that you normally don't think they would be heroes, but they do heroic stuff, they do great stuff for saving others, big dilemas, not always the heroes win, but there is not always darkness for them, s…

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