Armor Hunters: Harbinger is a limited series published by Valiant Entertainment in 2014. The series is a tie-in to the Armor Hunters crossover event focusing on the characters of Harbinger. It is written by Joshua Dysart with art by Robert Gill. The Harbingers previously appeared in the ongoing series Bloodshot (Volume 2). They appear next in the limited series Harbinger: Omegas.

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The Armor Hunter have decimated a major metropolis, and the battle to save the survivor still rages. In the misdt of the devastation, the volatile team of Harbinger Foundation escapees called Generation Zero is about to stumble into an insidious alien counteroffensive - one with the potential to bring down not just a city, but the entire world. When push comes to shove, can this group of immensely powerful, immensely temperamental teenagers be trusted to repel the Armor Hunters' second wave?


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