Quote1 Listen, if you're still on your "killin' alleged antichrists" kick I'm gonna take my ball and go home -- Quote2
-- Armstrong

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Issue 2 continues the events of its predecessor with Archer surprising attacking a secret gathering of "The One Percent", a sect of Wall Street devil worshipers, after learning his parents were in league with them.  After learning of his parents' true intentions, Archer downsizes a significant portion of The One Percent's security force and then confronts his parents via the live video feed before being knocked unconscious.

Armstrong, after learning the location of his satchel from his guards as well as the sect's intent to sacrifice Archer, breaks loose from his chains, disposes of his captors, and reclaims it. Before leaving, he tries to convince himself that Archer's whereabouts aren't his problem, but his good nature admits how much Archer reminds him of his brothers as well as his brother Ivar's words, "You have no faith."

Meanwhile, Archer wakes to find himself shackled to a sacrificial wheel and about to be slaughtered, when a godly vision appears to him, who happens to be the spirit of Armstrong's brother Ivar.  The vision convinces Archer that Armstrong is key to finding the last piece of The Boon which should then be used to bargain for the safety of his siblings.  He then stops his own sacrificial ceremony to the surprise of Armstrong who bursts into the chamber with the intent of freeing Archer himself.

Archer and Armstrong then unite forces in order to search for the remaining pieces to The Boon and keep them out of the hands of those who wish to use it.  Armstrong reveals that his satchel contains a map that refers to Boon piece locations with notes written in lewd humor while he was drunk, but he directs them to Rome, Italy to meet with a friend that might know the meaning of such notes.

This friend turns out to be the Vatican Library's very own art expert and ex-Sect member, Sister Thomas Aquinas.  Armstrong met her while helping her resistance fighters against Mussolini in the hills of Romagna.  She shoots Armstrong with a machine gun upon their entry as everyone has been on high alert since their escape in New York.  She leads them to Michaelangelo's tomb of Julius II where Armstrong triggers a hidden catch to reveal a combination wheel lock with various symbols.  After positioning the lock to the wrong symbol, the entire basilica begins to collapse.  Archer luckily reminds Armstrong of  the correct symbol on the combination wheel which then triggers trapdoor beneath the party and leads to an underground chamber.

While Archer and Armstrong engage in a disagreement, all three are caught by surprise by a violent group of nuns who call themselves "The Night Cloister", sisters of perpetual darkness, who minister to those who oppose the Spirituali with death.



Quote1 Betrayers! False prophets! Liar liar pants on fire! You taught no compromise with the evil in the world! I believed in that cause! I was willing to die for it! But your "values" are just words, aren't they? Just words so you can get what you want! Quote2
-- Archer

Quote1 Listen, if you're still on your "killin' alleged antichrists" kick I'm gonna take my ball and go home -- Quote2
-- Armstrong

Quote1 I deeply regret my earlier homicidal overtures. Quote2
-- Archer

Quote1 Look to your left! I got laid in that alley during Napoleon's occupation -- Quote2
-- Armstrong

Quote1 You mean like that book mom and dad kept checking out of the library to burn? "The Da Vinci Code"? Quote2
-- Archer

Quote1 Please. "The Da Vinci Code" was a classic black ops misinformation operation. That Brown guy is 100% Sect! Quote2
-- Armstrong

Quote1 I only believe about 40% of what comes out of your mouth... Quote2
-- Archer




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