Quote1 We come in peace! Take us to your lager... Quote2
-- Armstrong

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Quote1 You're in the Faraway now, kiddo. Lemme give you a free piece of advice: When in doubt... RUN! Quote2
-- Armstrong

Quote1 We come in peace! Take us to your lager... Quote2
-- Armstrong

Quote1 Well... my mom and dad say the head Communist is an Indonesian Muslim named Barack Obama. And, uh... he's the President of the U.S., too... Quote2
-- Archer

Quote1 Evolution is real?! Quote2
-- Archer

Quote1 Collectivists of Roanoke. This is General Alphonse Redacted, United States Air Force. Many time, in, the spirit of American democracy, I've given you the freedom to choose the one correct form of government. But you have refused to embrace individualism... and join me. Now, however, I can tolerate your freedom-hating no longer. I must cleanse the Faraway of Communists and Communist sympathizers, before returning to America to free it from the yoke of one-world socialism. You have until twelve-hundred hours to unconditionally surrender. At twelve-hundred-oh-one hours, your annihilation begins. All survivors will be probed. Redacted out. Quote2
-- General Redacted




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