Archer & Armstrong are a duo of adventurers in the Valiant Universe. "Archer" is Obadiah Archer, a young martial arts prodigy who escaped evil religious parents. "Armstrong" is Aram Anni-Padda, one of three immortal brothers along with the Eternal Warrior and the Timewalker. Archer tends to be uptight and naive due to his upbringing, while Armstrong is a loud-mouthed hedonist known for his heavy drinking and carousing. Their greatest enemy is The Sect, a secret religious conspiracy that has been pursuing Armstrong for countless generations.


Archer & Armstrong was created for Valiant Comics by Jim Shooter, Bob Layton, and Barry Windsor-Smith in 1992.[1] The original series Archer & Armstrong (Volume 1) debuted shortly before the Unity crossover, and lasted 27 issues until its conclusion in 1994.[2] Valiant was later bought by Acclaim Comics, who rebooted the Valiant Universe in 1997. Archer & Armstrong were reintroduced in a series titled Eternal Warriors.[3] This series established that the original Archer had died, and Armstrong partnered with a new "Archer" named LeMont Quirrel.[4] Acclaim would eventually go out of business in 2004, leaving the rights to Archer & Armstrong up for sale. The property was purchased by Valiant Entertainment, who rebooted the series along with the rest of the Valiant Universe in 2012. This new series, Archer & Armstrong (Volume 2), was developed by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Clayton Henry.[5] The series would conclude after 26 issues in 2014.[6] Following this, Van Lente teamed up with writer James Asmus of Quantum and Woody to publish a crossover mini-series titled The Delinquents.[7] Archer & Armstrong would get their own series again in 2016 when writer Rafer Roberts and artist David Lafuente developed A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong.[8]


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