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Don Felipe
• 9/21/2017

Secret Weapons #0 - Jan 3, 2018
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Don Felipe
• 12/29/2017
Is there a reason things like this aren't added as External Links to the page about the comic? I came looking for some info, thought I'd add some links, but didn't want to go against the style guide (if there is one).

So, is there any reason not to add links to Valient Entertainment to relevant pages?
• 12/29/2017
Welcome to the Valiant Wikia and thanks for contributing!

There's no style guide (yet).

As for external links, feel free to add them where you see them fit. As long as they relate to the particular comic book issue and series there's no reason not to add them.

In this case, when I posted the above link the wiki page simply hadn't been created yet. When I did I forgot about the link and added another one instead.
Secret Weapons Vol 2 0
Secret Weapons Vol 2 0 Valiant Comics Database
• 12/29/2017
The above link has been added, too.

Thanks for adding another link to Owen's Story.

In terms of style (because you were asking) lets use the following format for the date and source of the external links:

"(December 11, 2017 by Comix Asylum)"
"(September 20, 2017 by Graeme McMillan for the Hollywood Reporter)"

This looks better and cleaner than
"(Comix Asylum, Dec 11 2017)"

Well, to be honest I (we) keep forgetting adding the date and source all the time... as it takes more time to do.
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