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As of now (mid-September 2017), this is the worst page of the entire wikia.

Wrong information.
Wrong interpretations.
Bad layout.*
Plus broken links and such.
Last not least, too much useless information.

* Most of the content is history yet the history section is entirely empty... but keep adding to the notes section. No content but notes galore. <thumbs_up>

The comic book collector's consensus... what does "comic book" stand for? There are only 3 such universes and it's basically a product of 3 publishers owning the rights to Valiant IPs over the years. The others are separate, separate (universes) from the comic books!!! There should be two lists:
- comic books
- other media

And these 2 lists is all this page should really focus on.

Keeping it simple.
Keeping it to facts.
Don't over-think and over-interpret stuff....

"Valiant Digital First" still is not a publisher but an umbrella term used by comixology only.
"Multiple forms of media" is TMI for this page.
"Alternative Continuities" - Unity-2000, an unfinished mini-series, should not be even mentioned here. The other two are a possible future and a mass hallucination, both of which still take place in the very same VEI universe and continuity.
Valiant Universe
Valiant Universe The Valiant Universe is the shared universe of the characters originally created by Jim Shooter.… Valiant Comics Database
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If you see a need and want to fill it, you can feel free to do it. The only real guidelines to editing are to keep a general sense of uniformity among the wiki's articles and to not vandalize or ruin a page.
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