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• 9/13/2017

As of now (mid-September 2017), this is the worst page of the entire wikia.

Wrong information.
Wrong interpretations.
Bad layout.*
Plus broken links and such.
Last not least, too much useless information.

* Most of the content is history yet the history section is entirely empty... but keep adding to the notes section. No content but notes galore. <thumbs_up>

The comic book collector's consensus... what does "comic book" stand for? There are only 3 such universes and it's basically a product of 3 publishers owning the rights to Valiant IPs over the years. The others are separate, separate (universes) from the comic books!!! There should be two lists:
- comic books
- other media

And these 2 lists is all this page should really focus on.

Keeping it simple.
Keeping it to facts.
Don't over-think and over-interpret stuff....

"Valiant Digital First" still is not a publisher but an umbrella term used by comixology only.
"Multiple forms of media" is TMI for this page.
"Alternative Continuities" - Unity-2000, an unfinished mini-series, should not be even mentioned here. The other two are a possible future and a mass hallucination, both of which still take place in the very same VEI universe and continuity.
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• 9/15/2017
If you see a need and want to fill it, you can feel free to do it. The only real guidelines to editing are to keep a general sense of uniformity among the wiki's articles and to not vandalize or ruin a page.
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