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Valiant Central Podcast Ep 138: Sunday Night W. Eric Heisserer

Lots of information about Secret Weapons.
The real talk starts around 7:20.
(Near) Future of SW around 23:00.

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So, Secret Weapons 2 confirmed?
Issue #0 confirmed.... and I like the "a panel a day" and "discovery training" ideas.

He mentions he'd love to do more with SW but not without Raul (Allen) & Patricia (Martin) which is good news.
Well, I don't like podcast, thanks for the info, I'm used to Valiant changing artist, but maybe they are looking to repeat the success of Divinity(maybe not); but yeah, is good news.
anyone like the og secret weapons series
also whos excited for that new ninjak yrailer
There's little excitement about watching yet another trailer. At this point I'm more interested in finally getting to know when and where/how the web-series will be released and maybe a little information about the format and length of the six episodes.
Agree, and specially because I don't like super hero live action, but I'll probably give an opportunity to Valiant, they refresh super hero comics, so maybe they'll refresh super hero live action stuff.
"The series, which will premiere on YouTube and distributed in 7- to 8- minute episodes, won’t share the same continuity as the blockbuster films Valiant intends to pursue."
Ninak Kicks Off Valiant's Cinematic Universe By Fighting It
Ninak Kicks Off Valiant's Cinematic Universe By Fighting It Valiant kicks off its live-action efforts with Ninak going one-on-one against Bloodshot, X-O… Inverse
7 and 8 minutes episodes?!

Damn, I lost my faith in this project I wanted some bloody Kamen Rideresque stuff with Valiant characters.
eternity looks cool