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Disscusion Harbinger Renegade 6

Welp, my attempt to now what other people liked to read was a failure, so I'll keep this Valiant related(yay!), now this single issue was nothing of what I was expecting, but seeing the names of Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse I was pretty sure it would out something good about it, and damn, I was one of the best single issues from Valiant this year, sadly it does not explain too much anything, but more than a set up to give explanations later, it's full of action, energy and even quite moments that let the story breath, it was a good work, again, not what I expected, but happy to read it, I guess this explains the little absence of Ryp during the end of Britannia second book.

And well, I had my doubts of Rafer Roberts being cleared every issue, specially this one, but ah, we'll see what the future depart us on Harbinger Wars 2. Damn, I need to read Shaper, but I digress, what do you think about Harbinger Renegade 6? Do you love it? do you hate it?, I personally didn't like that we didn't see the Renegades... but that's all. See ya' soon beautiful people.

P.D.: I liked the cover.
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I wonder if we're even talking about the same guy!?! He's such a funny guy to hang around with and his sister's hot, too. LOL
His sister is hot, ok, I would grant Lemire that(and his book is good too), but again, I did not find it funny, he's only a devil to make bloodshot suffer, his jokes are bad, and my nerves are going nuts every minute I talk about him. And his design is ugly as heck. But again, I think that's the purpose of the character, be hatable, being an arsehole, that's Bloodshquirt. So on a certain level, I can understand it, every books needs a character like that(a jerk), and I can almost stand it. But honestly, to hell with him.
Haha, I'm just messing with you.
send me alink to a pic of his sister please i need it for......
scientific purposes... yeah
She squirt... or Gwen squirt... Oh, Gahd, what were they thinking? heh.
from the context i thought u were talking about jeff lemires sister not shesquirt
give deathmate some props i mean ninjak vs zealot! dr solar vs void i wouldve been better if image printed their comics on time for once in 90s
@Raithespaceknight Then I don't know what you were reading, we only talked about Bloodsquirt as a character, I don't know if Jeff Lemire has any siblings(and it does not concern me at all).
@Don Felipe You little... Well, at least I expect that Jason David Frank can do a good work as bloodshot. He seemed excited to do the character.