Welp, my attempt to now what other people liked to read was a failure, so I'll keep this Valiant related(yay!), now this single issue was nothing of what I was expecting, but seeing the names of Juan José Ryp and Andrew Dalhouse I was pretty sure it would out something good about it, and damn, I was one of the best single issues from Valiant this year, sadly it does not explain too much anything, but more than a set up to give explanations later, it's full of action, energy and even quite moments that let the story breath, it was a good work, again, not what I expected, but happy to read it, I guess this explains the little absence of Ryp during the end of Britannia second book.

And well, I had my doubts of Rafer Roberts being cleared every issue, specially this one, but ah, we'll see what the future depart us on Harbinger Wars 2. Damn, I need to read Shaper, but I digress, what do you think about Harbinger Renegade 6? Do you love it? do you hate it?, I personally didn't like that we didn't see the Renegades... but that's all. See ya' soon beautiful people.

P.D.: I liked the cover.