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Valiant Universe
Valiant Universe The Valiant Universe is the shared universe of the characters originally created by Jim Shooter. There have been several different versions of the Valiant Universe published by different companies and in different continuities. The first Valiant Universe began publishing in 1991 under Voyager Communications and was known as Valiant Comics. The company was acquired by Acclaim Entertainment in 1994, and all Valiant titles were canceled, revamped, and relaunched as Acclaim Comics, the second... Valiant Comics Database
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Faith and The Future Force #2 Discussion

Hi, I'm usually don't do this until the series has ended like Manowar, but heck it.

Well, I'm having mixed opinions of F&TFF, for now I'm going to start with the positive, the issue was a helluva fun, more than the first issue, I'm gonna grant them that, the guest artists are very good no doubt about it and Ulises Arreola is a great colorist.

-Spoilers to minimum-

Damn, they should have make that no one could drawn Neela except for Stephen Segovia, the dialogue again was fun, and the pacing is correct the characters act as one would expect from them. And now to end this I've have that is not a bad aspect from the comic, but the story is just fanservice.

I know that I praised the art, and I know that Faith is cute, but artist don't agree on how to draw her face, sometimes she is more fat sometimes not, Jelena draw the face of model and put the face on Faith's body. Now apart from the art, nothing really happened in this issue, ok, I know what you gonna say, but the only action was not pretty exciting, it was kinda obvious how it was gonna end(how it was going to start), it's just to make a difference on the power levels.

We don't have more info on the robot except its name and some plato quotes to make him look intimidating(it was already intimidating not need to force it) and funny but it was not bad. But I don't want the story to repeat so much

So we have two issues that are set-up and two issues to end this event. So things have to changed on F&TFF #3.

Now I'm glad to see again all my favorite characters from Valiant, but that's what the point I was going, is just a big crossover event to gather up all the characters and make them do something, It's fanservice, and fanservice by itself is not bad, Valiant Hight was great for example and maybe that's the reason and not being so hard nor so soft with this event.

We could see Aric from Vine Hunters and the Eternal Warrior, even if it just for two issues more(now that I remember Aric owed a favor to Neela Sethi good one Fred and Jody), I still think it could be a lot better If Fred Van Lente was doing this, but he is occupied with War Mother, but for the worst part was the repetition and lack of action, the best funny dialogue and good pacing.

I hope Issue 3 could be better. So what do you think? Do you hate it?, do you love it?, c'mon people.

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X-O Manowar Captain arch ended. Opinions?

Hi, y'all, how've you been this recently?, anyway, let's get down on this issue, oh, boi, I can fairly say that every issue of X-O Manowar have been better than the last one, I like to expect it every month, something special that makes me smile.

They have advanced a lot in six issues, and it does not feel all that rushed, as I was thinking it would be, it's not slow either, just right, they made a good decision with only three issues per arch, despite my early doubt.

We keep seeing more facets of Aric, and more developed diplomatic side, like his conversation with the Burnt King was priceless, despite Aric does not reveal so much of his past on this book and often lies about it, like the recent issue Six, really Aric?, really?, but he feels really more mature than his past being. But he wants to hide something.

The action and dynamic are superb, Matt Kindt really understand what is a comic and he has been working with really good talents, he knows how to write that actions scenes, really being a writter and comic book artist has its advantages when it comes to Matt Kindt, there is not too much boring dialogue and it appear it's good. It's interesting, It's memorable, I didn't find yet a pointless point(not pun intended) on this book yet.

Now talking about the arch, I want to say, that Dough Braiwaithe, is one of my favorite from Valiant, it was love at the first sight when I read Unity for first time. Now, Diego Rodriguez is very different from Brian Reber, Diego uses more cold colors, but it has a warn feeling on the daylight scenes, Giving it a different atmosphere, he seems the kind of guy I would like to color for an Alien planet, so I hope I would see him again after Clayton Crain ends his part on X-O(HYPE!), he really give a fresh feeling to Dough's art on this book, issue five has one my favorites pages right now.

And that was X-O Manowar Captain, a good evolution of the previous work, a step forward. they ended up with a great cliff hanger, I still don't know what's up with the armor, why Aric don't want to wear it all, I understand they need to keep the mystery(and it would be too easy with X-O) but step by step he is adding more to it. I'm more curious about it we would see more about Shanhara(read the Venditti run) than just the armor itself and what that means for Aric, but those things can wait, for now I like that Matt and his team keep painting this great blank canvas that is the Planet Gorin and probalby they keep expanding the cosmic stuff with Divinity this October.

Well, that's all for me, what have you think about this arch? do you like it?, what was your favorite chapter of this arch?, what was your favorite issue of these six? Do you hate it?, do you like it?, we already talked about the renumeration of X-O, but I can take it whenever you want(COME GET SOME), see ya' later compass points. Love you.

X-O Manowar #6
X-O Manowar #6 Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. Imgur
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Disscusion: DIVINITY #0

Hi, y'all, our past disscusion, was great, but it's over and wear off, to be honest to ourselves, so Is time to move on, I want to say, I'm not gonna do a disscusion about Secret Weapons, until is over, SO DON'T TALK ABOUT SECRET WEAPONS HERE. *Couhg*, excuse me, well, Divinity like series and character has been one of my favorite in valiant recently, I still remember the first time when I read it, it was after I finished The Valiant, an awesome book, and I didn't expect to find another as good so quickly(one day). And every Divinity series has scalated and evolved to something more, something new.

Now Valiant has an attachment to jumping on points for new readers, new entries for new fans, and they try not just summarize all, but to make it entertaining for the reader, to make a lesson out of this, and that is what Divinity 0 is, another brief issue to please old and new readers.

-SPOILERS DON'T READ UNTIL You've read the isse-

Ok, not that we have that clear, and we already have the history of the valiant universe by Rafer Roberts in Rai, I have to say, that Divinity #0 it answers a few question about Divinity III stalinverse, about the Red Brigade, so these beings like Divnity might not be as powerful as we believed, but powerful to bent reality and to give form to these characters to cause a mass hallucination of the Red Brigade, at least that was what I understand, but I still I'm not very clear bout' what happened with Livewired, she was dead or it was another mental display?

We can see how the universe of Valiant has changed, through the retrospective point of view of Abram Adams, the quality of the lettering is superb and it does not create such a huge conflict the amazing art, and talking about the art, this was really the strong point of the whole book.

Now I've seen Renato Guedes in at least two valiant books, bloodshot reborn #0 and Eternal Warrior Awekening, both one-shots, with different colorist, but they have in common an strong and clean inking, very detailed, Three-dimensional, but his painting is another stuff, it was almost like Paolo Rivera had a child with Esad Ribic, ok, sorry for that mental image, but it really was awe-inspiring, so I think they may wanted to capture to feeling of looking back to see how much has someone moving on, that reminiscence. And I think they done it perfectly.

Sadly it just give us more questions about Aric, last time we see him was on Stalinverse, and he is pissed-off at somethin', but for what?, I think it might be related to Stalinverse in some way.

I'm not sure if I really expected something more, Mat Kindt does well, and the issue alone, it gave me a good time, maybe I wanted something to tie-in with the new Eternity book, so I think I prefer a little one-shot by Rafer Roberts about Rai, but let us hope that Valiant will do more amazing stuff like with an artist like this. My uncle loves Divnity so I think he may liked it, but sadly the previews spoils us the end page. That was an error from Valiant more than us for looking(or not?).

Well, say what you want about this issue, how it made you feel, how you think it was, do you like do you not. I think it was fairly good.

For now as events go i'm looking forward to DC's The Metal and the end of Rapture by Matt Kind, and a few other series as well.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. Imgur
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